How To Grind Meat At Home Using Your Electric Meat Grinder

How to Grind Your Own Meat At Home Using Your Electric Meat Grinder

Many people are feeling that electric meat grinder is a necessary device to have in the kitchen. This appliance makes it possible if you want to grind your meat. It is one product that can be used to produce appetizers, soups and sandwich spreads and many others. The electric grinder can be used to grind chicken, beef, veal, pork, turkey, venison and vegetables. Therefore having this product in your home means that you believe on the quality and freshness of meat you want to serve for yourself and family.

Most of these electric grinders have three cutting plates hence you are assured of what is going into the burger, ground turkey or sausage. Many of these grinders have power that ranges from 150 watts to 500 watts. With 300 watt grinder, the user can grind about 1.5 to 2.5 pounds of meat in a minute. The three plates contain different sized holes to enable different coarseness of the ground meat. Others sometimes contain funnels for sausage. As you buy your electric meat grinder, it is important to consider head size, pan size and bowl opening size and ensure you get the one with metal gears for durability.

How to Grind Meat At Home Using Your Electric Meat Grinder

Cutting beef into cubes

Use the knife in cutting the meat into small pieces or cubes of about 1.5 inches for process lamb meat or hamburgers, deer, beef or chicken. This will help you in processing the meat faster, efficiently and more precisely. This meat can be used in various sausages, stews and chili. Also it can be used in filling tacos.

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Freeze the meat

After cutting your meat into small cubes, you can then put your meat into the freezer to solidify. Ensure that the meat solidify partially for about half an hour. This will make it easier for you to process the meat because it will be well shaped to promote firmness. The electric meat grinder should never get clogged even if your meat gets dense. Take the cubes and spread them on the baking sheet to separate them from each other. Take them out of the freezer the moment the edges of meat cubes get stiff and the inner part still supple. You can then start grinding them. The meat will be ready for processing and it will not get smeared.

Chill the grinder

Chill the grinding parts shortly for about an hour before you start to grind again. This will actually make your grinding process easy and simple. It makes the machine work effectively and efficiently giving the best result. If the cutting blade and grinding plates are kept in a freezer for a while it will be easier for them to work efficiently and cut the meat without clogging or smearing.

Keep the meat chilled as you grind

It is important to keep the meat chilled as you grind to prevent the meat from getting bacteria. Keep the meat in the hopper filled with some ice cubes if you want to process large quantity. The meat cubes shall stay stiff and the process of grinding will be done smoothly.

Divide the meat into consignments

Make sure that you don’t grind the whole meat at once. This is because you will not get a required grind. Check if the meat is not ground properly and put it in the grinder to grind once again. Repeat the process for better grinding.

Temperature for cooking the ground meat

The moment the meat is processed, you can then use the fresh meat but if you like, you can decide to freeze it and use it the next day. if you want a frozen meat, you can set your temperature to around 165 0 F as you cook.


Grinding your meat is one of the best thing to do so that you can have a healthy food for yourself and your family. By following the above procedure, you can easily grind your meat and prepare fresh foods in your home. Ground meat from the market can save time but it will definitely cost you a lot and you may end-up missing the freshness, control and flavor over the diet. With electric grinder that has all the accessories, your meat will be ready for a short time possible.

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