Can You Grind Meat In A Vitamix? – [Step By Step Guide]

Can Vitamix grind meat? You wonder that your Vitamix blender can help you grind meat or not. The answer is yes. And using a Vitamix blender to grind meat is not difficult.  

The Vitamix is a high-powered blender. It can grind many types of meat. They may be boneless skinless chicken breasts, turkey, pork, beef.

You need to chop meat into some small cubes before grinding. Let’s start with the lowest speed level and move to the highest level until completion.

Let’s learn how Vitamix grinds meat with we in this article!

Vitamix  blender

Can You Grind Meat In A Vitamix?

If you have a Vitamix at home, you can use it to grind your own meat. Previously, Vitamix was only famous for its role as a popular blender.

Over the years, the manufacturer has upgraded it to make Vitamix more capable – Vitamix meat grinder.

Vitamix can be a versatile kitchen appliance with the features available. It helps you save time and optimize many kitchen tasks. Besides, it also contributes to saving space on the kitchen counter and high cost.

Let’s start grinding meat in Vitamix!

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Preparation Before Grinding Meat in a Vitamix

Before you start grinding meat in a Vitamix, you need to ensure a few things:

  • It would help if you had a good Vitamix blender (Professional Series 750, 5200 Professional-Grade, E310 Explorian, or else)
  • If you intend to grind raw meat, make it a bit chilled or cold. The texture of the ground meats will then be more beautiful, thanks to the previous chilling process.
  • If you grind cooked meat, let it cool completely.
  • Remove the bones and large tendons from the meat. The Vitamix isn’t a dedicated grinder anyway, so give it a little pampering. Bones can damage the blades of the Vitamix blender.

Step by Step Guide of Vitamix Grinding Meat

Once you’ve prepared all of the above, start grinding meat in a Vitamix immediately with the following steps:

Step 1: Chop Cooked Meat or Raw Meat Into Small Pieces

It would help if you were not lazy to cut cold meat into small pieces. One-inch cubes of chopped meat are reasonable. As already mentioned, Vitamix is not a real grinder. The chilled meat makes the appliance run smoother.

Meat cubes

Step 2: Add Spices

This step happens if you want to add something to your ground meat. It could be herbs or spices. So how should you add them?

You need to add your own meat in advance. After that, you can add other classes of ingredients/spices. Then you continue to add a layer of meat.

This order will allow the spices and ground meat to blend. Should you not want to add anything but meat. Please skip this step.


Step 3: Start Your Vitamix

Turn on the Vitamix (no meat inside) to variable speed mode at first. After that, gradually work your way up to speed control 6.

Step 4: Add Meat To Vitamix

Remove the lid plug at the blender top from the blender container and add your chopped meat to your Vitamix. After that, let’s secure the container lid in place and add meat chunks after every 10 – 15 seconds.

The Vitamix blender often has an extremely secure gripper lid. Hence, its safety and cleanliness are good.

Meat ground by Vitamix has a pretty tight texture

Step 5: Continue Adding Meat to the Blender.

Slowly add the meat cubes to the blender until done. If you have a lot of meat to grind, divide it into small batches instead of shredding it all at once.


  • If your meat takes up more than half of the container, it is “overloaded.” It is because there is not enough space for the meat to move inside the dry container.
  • In addition, never put large chunks into the blender if you don’t want to ruin it right away.
  • Clean your blender right after use with soapy water and a bit of white vinegar/baking soda (if any)
  • Air dry for the next batch.

Now you know how to shred meat in a Vitamix. Besides Vitamix, we can use Blendtec blenders to grind your own meat

Check out the video below for easy implementation.


Why Can Vitamix Grind Meat?

Many people think that a blender cannot grind raw meat. However, Vitamix can do that. Vitamix’s stainless steel blades can spin at 250 miles in an hour.

In addition, the robust motor comes with 1380 watts, 11.5 amps, and two peak horsepower. It allows you to produce excellent ground meat.

Vitamix multi-function blender

It is excellent for Vitamix to grind raw or cooked meat. Vitamix creates the consistency of your dish. Ground meat from Vitamix can be “used” to make soups or stews.

Homemakers can also use it to process cooked meat for hamburgers and chicken salads.

Is Meat Grinder or Vitamix Better?

There is no exact answer to the above question. Each device will have a different function and characteristics. Meat ground from a grinder also does not have the same texture as meat ground from Vitamix.

We will cover a few popular dishes related to these two machines to see which is more effective. We will choose three foods that are burger patties, minced meat, and sausages.

Minced Meat

The ideal texture for mincemeat is a coarse texture having meat and fat nicely separated. You can use this minced meat for many dishes. Thanks to this texture, your minced meat will be juicy and perfect.

Vitamix is not much better suited for minced meat than a meat grinder. Meat ground with Vitamix has a reasonably steady texture. All fat is completely “dissolved” with lean meat. It can be a bit hard to have a juicy result when you use Vitamix.

The perfect solution for this problem is to grind the meat in semi-frozen status to separate fat and meat nicely. Pay attention to the texture of the ground meat when you make pies or pasta dishes.


Hamburger patties should be “structured” like minced meat. The nice separation between fat and meat can result in juicy hamburger patties.

Vitamix is very convenient and versatile. However, burger patties ground by a Vitamix are different from the patties ground by a meat grinder.

The solution is the same as above. However, a meat grinder is still better for making burgers.


The Vitamix is perfect for sausages. When you grind meat in a Vitamix, the ground meat will have a smoother consistency. They also look more attractive.

You can use the lowest speed level and gradually raise it to level 6. Use variable speeds from level 1 and work your way to level 6. Add chunks every 10 seconds.

Each of the chunks should be a 1-inch cube. You can add seasonings while blending.

Should I Use Vitamix to Grind Meat Regularly?

Firstly and honestly, you should prepare a real meat grinder if you often have to grind large amounts of meat. You will notice that fats are often stuck on the blender blade. Cleaning it was a big challenge. Let’s find out with Top 10 Best Electric Meat Grinders Review In 2021

Secondly, you can’t grind too much meat at once in a Vitamix. If you do this on purpose, your food processor will soon get stuck or burn out the motor.

Final Thoughts

Now it’s great to grind your own meat at home with a grinder or blender. Buying ground meat at the store is inconvenient and not necessarily clean.

You can make sausages, hot dogs, burgers with authentic ingredients instead of processed foods.

If you don’t focus too much on meat, you should buy a Vitamix instead of a meat grinder. Vitamix is versatile and can be suitable for more uses.

Consider your own needs to choose the most suitable type of device.

Thank you for reading!

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