How To Work On a Food Processor? ( 5 Easy-to-Follow Steps )

A food processor can easily chop, blend, grind, or shred almost all kinds of food, which makes it an essential item to have in your kitchen area.

A food processor

A food processor

However, not everybody knows how to work on a food processor correctly and most effectively. This kitchen appliance usually comes with various blade attachments for different purposes. In this article, we’ll show you how to make the most of your food processor.

How to Work on a Food Processor?

Step 1: Set up the machine.

Every food processor has different designs, but most of them share the same assembly. Always keep the machine unplugged when putting the parts together or changing blades.

Choose a suitable blade attachment depending on what you want to do with the food.

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If you want to blend food, use the regular blade. Make sure to chop the ingredients finely into small chunks to help to help faster and easier.

The S-shaped blade is another standard blade which every food processor has. It is used to chop fruits or vegetables, make puree and sauce as well as grind dry food into powder.

Other standard attachments are slicing disks and graters. They’re both attached near the lid of the unit. The slicing disk is used to slice food into thin, circular slices. The grater has a similar function, except it shreds food into smaller pieces.

If you want to make ratatouille or vegetable chips, the slicing disk is your go-to option. What about a salad? The grater can easily cut cabbage, Brussel sprouts, or beets into wisps for your favorite salad.

A dough blade is not quite conventional, but it can be spotted in many food processors. This blade is used to knead the dough for pizza, bread, or pasta.

Now that you have your food processor with the accessories you need, what’s next?

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Step 2: Add ingredients

Drop the ingredients into the feed tube. If you’re adding liquid, fill the bowl only up to the level marked on it, or else it will leak.

Adding ingredients

Adding ingredients

Use the plastic pusher to move the food if needed.

Step 3: Let the machine do the work

Close the lid and secure it before turning the unit on. Some food processors won’t start if the lid isn’t placed properly. So, you will see a “pulse” button and a “run” button on most food processors.

Press “run” if you want the machine to run continuously until you get the result you want. This feature is often used to make a puree, soup, or chunk-free sauces.

Press “pulse” when you want the machine to work and release when you don’t. People use this feature when they want to chop something. Press and release until you get the food chopped how you like it.

If your processor has other buttons than what was mentioned above, check the manufacturer manual for further information.

Sometimes your recipe requires you to add extra ingredients throughout the process. If your processor doesn’t have a tube, you ought to turn it off and remove the lid to add the ingredients.

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Step 4: Enjoy the result!

Step 5: Cleaning

You can wash the plastic and blades with soap and water. The electric base must not be cleaned this way as it can electrocute you. Carefully use damp cloths to wipe the base, remove leftover food or liquid.

In Closing

If you know the proper ways on how to work on a food processor, they can come in handy in many situations. Feel free to comment down below if you have any questions, and I’ll answer them as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading.

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