What Is A Kubbe Attachment For A Food Grinder?

The sweet and tasty dish made by encasing spiced lamb in a wheat-based shell is kubbe, which is also called kebba, kibbe, or koubba.

If you regularly buy a grinder or a meat grinder option for your stand mixer, the kubbe attachment, among other accessories, may confuse you.

What is a kubbe attachment? This kind of attachment is designed to speed up and simplify the preparation process of one of the most preferred Middle Eastern dishes – kubbe.

Stick to this post to find out more interesting about a kubbe attachment, including how to use it, how to clean it, and other meat grinder accessories as well.

What Is A Kubbe Attachment For A Meat Grinder?

A kubbe attachment helps with cooking kubbe

What is kubbe? The name “kubbe” originates from an Arab cuisine food with a hollow tube of finely minced meat. Kubbe or koubba is a tasty, easy Middle Eastern dish that encloses spiced lamb in a wheat-based shell.

A kubbe attachment is a critical part of a meat grinder, used to create hollow tubes of finished minced meat with the additional wheat flour in your meat grinder. Let’s find out with Top 10 Best Electric Meat Grinders Review In 2021

You can fill the kubbe tubes with multiple fillings, fried in the oven or grill after the grinding process.

Many sources or blogs introduce a high volume of recipes for cooking koubba that will help you serve a delicious dish to your family.

However, it’s always a brilliant idea to experiment with a composition of fillers and create a personalized recipe as per your unique taste and preference.

If you’ve recently purchased a meat grinder or are planning to buy one for your stand mixer, it might be confusing to figure out how a kubbe attachment works, among other add-ons, which you are already familiar with. And you have no idea how to get used to this type of attachment.

As mentioned, a kubbe attachment helps with shortening the preparation time and helps you simplify the before-cook process when making kubbe for your loved ones.

People consider a kubbe attachment a kubbe primer. Kubbe is traditionally intensive, requiring a highly well-minced and seasoned lamb blend before stuffing it in the dough shell.

It would be best to prepare the dough with a portion of minced lamb and bulgur wheat mixed into a firm paste and shaped into hollow tubes. This desirable combination of length and thinness is much easier to gain if you employ a kubbe attachment in your meat grinder.

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How To Use The Kubbe Attachment?

It takes four steps to use a kubbe attachment

Like any other meat grinder attachment, a kubbe one is exceedingly straightforward to use once you’re used to it. Below, we’ll list in steps on how to use a kubbe attachment correctly.

Step 1: Unplug your meat grinder.

Before jumping into anything, please remember to ensure you unplug your meat grinder first of all. When you’re sure about this unplugging, take out the grinder plates and grinder blade found inside your meat grinder.

Kubbe attachments include two major parts, namely the extruder tube and threaded tube and the ring-shaped flange, which assists in holding the tube tight.

Step 2: Drop the end of the tube through the flange.

Next, proceed with inserting the end of the tube into the ring-shaped flange and firmly secure the ring-shaped flange in place at the end of your meat grinder.

Step 3: Fill your meat grinder

Fill the hopper of your meat grinder with a kubbe dough, then plug in the meat grinder and run the motor. This practice, as a result, will force the kubbe attachment to flip out a holed, prolonged dough with an even, thin, and consistent finish.

Step 4: Cut the dough

You can cut the ovals of dough into uniform lengths of two, three, or even four inches as per your choice and fill them up with the prepped spiced lamb.

Close or seal the end of each kubbe and fry your kubbes until they turn golden brown. Or else, you can also bake them until they turn equally golden brown.

How To Clean The Meat Grinder’s Kubbe?

Separate motorized and non-motorized components when cleaning

To properly clean your meat grinder’s kubbe or even other meat grinder attachments, follow the steps below:

  • Soak the fat and oil with bread and dry things to minimize your efforts to remove greasy spots. Once you’re done, they are ready for the next cleaning phase.
  • Separate the motorized and non-motorized parts since the cleaning methods for each category are different. You can soak the non-electrolyzed components in soapy water, whereas it’s not advisable to do so with electrolyzed ones.
  • After taking them apart, particularly the blades, soak them in slightly warm, clean water with detergent, and then wipe them thoroughly.
  • You should clean the motored parts with a soft, damp cloth since you may get an electric shock when they come into direct contact with a liquid. After wiping dirty particles, air dries the parts.
  • Rearrange the separated components, assemble the primary meat grinder or stand mixer meat grinder attachments, and store them properly. Remember to place your kubbe machine in a respective place.

Clean-up is crucial as proper maintenance and cleanliness can improve your grinder’s durability and longevity. One more thing to keep in mind is always to follow your manufacturer’s instructions.

Other Meat Grinder Accessories

A shredder can process any type of vegetables and fruit

Apart from the kubbe attachments, there are plenty of different accessories on the market that help extend the functionality and potential of a meat grinder. We’ll name some of the most popular attachments that you should have around your kitchen.

Different plate discs for minced meat

Those meat grinder plate disks assist in grinding vegetables, fish, poultry, meat, and more. Their material is usually stainless steel with countless holes over the entire surface.

The diameter of the kubbe attachment holes primarily affects the consistency of the minced meat. Thus, most existing models on the market provide multiple disks with holes of different diameters.

Generally, the stainless steel meat grinders utilize disks with holes’ diameters of around 3, 5, or 8 mm.

Sausage Juicer and Shredder

These attachments stick to the meat grinder outlet and provide the filling. You will adjust them manually.

A regular meat grinder with a complete set often comes with one to three attachments of various diameters for cooking sausages.

The shredding attachment is a long drum with longitudinal slots used for cutting vegetables. The size of those longitudinal slots affects the thickness of your slices.

You’ll need to insert it into the central housing of your meat grinder.

Meanwhile, a sausage attachment or juicing attachment is adept at processing vegetables and fruits into purees or juices.

Apart from a juicier and shredder, you can also find other attachments, such as forming noodles, spaghetti, cubes, or traditional pasta form for sausages.

Kitchenwin food grinder attachment

Kitchenwin food grinder attachments are specifically for all Kitchenaid stand mixers, including cutting blades and a grinding plate for grinding all types of meat. This supplement is meant to produce perfect results.

Also, it will be a huge omission if we don’t mention the sausage stuffer. This attachment offers superior versatility, helping with making kubbe, pasta, and burger. A tiny downside is that it’s not dishwasher safe.

It’s labor-intensive to prepare a traditional kubbe dish, requiring the lamb to be finely sliced and well seasoned before the grinder stuff it inside the dough shell. The cook will prepare lamb in wheat and some portions of the minced meat by mixing it with a stiff paste and forming it into hollow ovals.

With a kubbe attachment on your meat grinder, you can achieve that hollow shape and accurate thickness and length much more easily.

Can You Buy the Kubbe attachment Separately?

In most cases, meat grinders come with kubbe attachments, yet they can be purchased separately.

However, please note that purchasing an attachment alone may cost you a fortune. Sometimes, you might have to pay an amount equal to the amount you pay for a meat grinder with a kubbe attachment.

In Closing

There is a broad range of kibbe recipes from countless sources out there, but you can always step out of your comfort zone and put your creativity into practice. With a kubbe attachment on hand, you are good to experiment with different kibbeh recipes and create a personalized dish suiting your taste.

Now you have a clear idea of ‘what is a kubbe attachment.’ It’s time to rock with your unique kubbe recipes!

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