What’s The Difference Between Food Processor And Blender?

What's The Difference Between Food Processor And Blender

You are planning to get a food grinding machine, right? However, you still have no idea about are, “What’s the difference between a food processor and blender?”

Great! Both of them have a distinctive structure with different functions.

This article will help you find the answer. Do not leave the page until the end.

The Difference Between Food Processor And Blender

Actually, the food processor and blender have many things in common, but they are used for a distinctive purpose. Therefore, you need to clearly understand the difference between the two products for your demand.

Let’s find out below.

The shape

The first thing that you need to notice is the shape. Simply, the blender is a jug equipped with a rotating blade in the bottom.

The rotational force will produce a vortex in the middle, dragging the tough pieces when the food is dropped naturally towards the middle of the jar.

On the other hand, the food processor is a flat bowl with two blades placed at different heights. With this design, the unit can pulverize hard food into smaller pieces than the blender.

The function

Of course, both of them can be used for mixing ingredients together.

With some certain food, you can process them when using either machine. However, nobody will use two different designs for the same purpose service, right?

The blender is typically designed for use with liquid. Besides, the motor of this machine is more powerful than the food processor that can produce a smooth, silky texture.

Moreover, the blender blades are basically blunt objects that why you have not encouraged when processing hard food by the blender.

So using them is the idea when you want to make smoothies or soup.

If there is not enough liquid in the jug, the blender can’t grind well because the pieces tend to bounce around the blades, instead of being pulled down.

In this case, working with a food processor is better. With the flat design, this unit is ideal for doughs and dry ingredients.

The size 

Most blenders usually have a fixed size, that is often used for liquid. They are mostly taller than food processors to avoid overflow because the liquids tend to spin upwards.

The food processors, on the other hand, have a larger maximum capacity, which explains why they are normally bigger than the others.

The attachments

So, which one has more accessories?

This answer is food processors.

This unit often comes with a variety of attachments, such as slicers, graters, slicers, dough blades, etc. Therefore, you can use them easier for many needs that making processing large amounts of food quickly and effortlessly.

Conversely, the blender usually comes with only one jug and one set of blades. With some generous manufacturers, you can get individual pitchers for dry food.

To sum up, the food processors seem more useful when equipped with many attachments for different functions. However, the more feature, the more money you pay.

In case you just want some gadgets for grinding fruit or soft pieces, the blender will be the right selection.

Recommended Foods For The Blender

When mixing the liquid ingredients and soft food to create a beverage or sauce, the blender is the best gadget. There is some recommended food can use with blender:

Baby food, pastry batters, and cake, purees, cocktail, etc.

Recommended Foods For the Food Processor

On the contrary with blender, the doughs, and dry ingredients will easily be crushed by the blades of a food processor.

Pie, biscuit dough, pasta dough, and chopped nuts, etc can be well-made with this unit.


The grinding machine is an indispensable item for your kitchen. Therefore choosing the blender or food processor must be considered for your need.

I hope this article will give you useful information on “What’s the difference between the food processor and blender?.

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