How To Grind Bones Without A Grinder? [A Detail Guide]

You have a lot of leftover bones but don’t know what to do with them. The best way is to grind them to use for something else. A bone meal is excellent for your pet. Besides, you can also use ground bone as an organic fertilizer for plants.

The most robust meat grinder is an essential device to do this. However, grinding more rigid bones is not suitable for a grinder machine. Is there any solution to this problem? How to grind bones without a grinder?

It is possible to use a blender or food processor to grind bones without a bone grinder. We will give you a satisfactory answer through this article. Read on to find out the secret!

Bone food for pet

How To Grind Bones Without A Grinder?

Grinding bones is a much more complicated task than grinding meat. People think that only industrial grinder butchers with durable and robust motor power can do it. However, we are doing this within the family range. Thus, you cannot buy an industrial blender.

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So what are alternatives for a manual meat grinder? Many housewives say that blenders or food processors can substitute for regular meat grinders in this case.

Accordingly, you only need to grind multiple bones in the blender with some water and start it up. You will get a homogeneous mixture. However, they are by no means a complete substitute for manual grinders.

The same problem will happen.

Blender can’t handle tough bones well. It creates bits and pieces stuck bone-in meat. The entire process of bone grinding in this video will help grind bones into powder.

Before Blending

You want good preparation before blending. Thanks to that, the blending process will become smoother.

1. Select The Ideal Bones

You can break the blender or regular food processor if you use it to grind tough bones. Similarly, cooking bones does not help the animal’s digestion.

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Therefore, you should use soft and small bones to mill. In addition, you should consider which type of title to choose for pet meals. It depends on what your pets like to eat.

The chicken leg bone is quite soft for grinding

Here is a list of ideal bones for milling:

  • Rib cage, chicken wings, necks, and back will be outstanding parts for grinding.
  • Small animal bones such as fish or rabbit bones are also quite soft for pet food.
  • You should choose bones that are about the same size. You can break them apart to speed up the grind and homogenize the come-out ground bones.
  • Don’t use cooked bones. They are both less nutritious than raw bones and dangerous to the internal organs of animals.
  • Large bones like cows, lambs, and pigs are not ideal for grinding because they are super hard.

2. Prepare the Picked Bones and Blender Instead of Meat Grinder

  • Once you have determined the bones to grind, you need to chop/cut them into small pieces. The process helps the blender machine run smoothly, and the bones become powder more quickly.
  • Use the sharpest chef’s knife. If you don’t have one, you can use more durable kitchen scissors to cut the bone.
  • You can cut the bones as small as possible. It is better to cut the poultry wing tips at the joints.
  • If you prefer mixing vegetables with ground meat and bone, let’s chop it into small chunks.

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During Blending

After preparing the bones, let’s start turning the bones into powder for your plants or your pets.

First, you need a blender or food processor to replace a meat grinder. Then add the bones to the container and grind multiple bones. You should not give too much or too little bone. Pay attention to the dosage to mill the bone smoothly and finely.

When using a blender, you must watch the bones carefully by pushing bones down to dust. Otherwise, sharp pieces of bone can damage the stomach and intestines.

If the grinding process takes a long time, let the blender machine rest for about 3 to 5 minutes. If necessary, add more water to make the process more perfect.

Small bones will make the grinding process smoother

After Blending​

After grinding, you need to store and preserve it well for pet food. In addition, cleaning the blender is also very important.

Store The Ground Bone Mixture

  • If you don’t use them all, you can store the grind for a few days.
  • First, add the leftover ground bones to the sealed container to avoid spoiling.
  • You can store them for a long time in the refrigerator. However, you should use it up after five days so that the ground bones do not lose quality.
  • If you have mixed this mixture with vegetables and water, you should use them up as soon as they are fresh.
  • If you have large dogs, you will need a heavy-duty model blender.

Clean the Blender or Food Processor

Cleaning is essential every time you grind. It makes your device more durable and safer for health. Remove all the removable parts to wash with soapy water. Then use a cloth to wipe off the water.

Hang them on a wire rack to let them dry naturally for the next grind. Never resemble parts until they are “dehydrated,” as this may result in a short circuit.

The Advice of Using Ground Bones for Pets

If you love animals, then you must know that bone meal is good for them. However, using grinding bones properly will help you more.

Do Not Abuse Bones in Animal Meals

Bones provide many nutritional values ​​for animals. However, we should not abuse it. 5-10% of the bones in an animal’s meal ratio is reasonable.

Eating too many bones causes many consequences for animals. Impaction, constipation, or white and chalky stools are symptoms of eating too many bones.

Notice on Combining Ingredients to Mix

Not all foods combine to produce a delicious and nutritious dish. Fruits and vegetables are often a supplement with bones and meat. However, some spices like onions or garlic may not work well in this case.

Not All Pets Like to Eat Ground Bones

In case your pets don’t like to eat ground bones. You can replace it with calcium supplements or ground eggshells. They will provide calcium for the growth of animals.

Do Not Grind Hard Stock Bones

You can damage your grinder if you grind tough bones. Lamb or beef bones are tough bones. Instead, you can use small and soft bones like fish, chicken, or rabbit bones.

Avoid Cooked Bones

Cooked bones do not have as much nutritional value as raw bones. Besides, they are dangerous for your pets. Sometimes it is the cause of injury or damage to the internal organs of the animal.

Frequently Asked Questions

You are not a master in bone grinding. You can solve some of your questions thanks to the FAQs that we have put together below.

1. Can People Eat Ground Bones?

The answer is yes.

Many athletes eat bone food at powders mixed into smoothies. It adds calcium to the user.

2. Is Bone Marrow Good?

According to many studies, bone marrow contains many components, which are vitamins and minerals. In addition, bone marrow also provides a large amount of calcium for bone growth.

3. Is A Bone Grinder Necessary?

Of course, yes. You should invest in the best grinder for frequent bone grinding. It saves maximum time and runs more smoothly.

Final Words

Now you know how to grind bones without a grinder. Everyone has to admit that owning a grinder is still the best. However, you can still mill bones without a grinder, thanks to the above tips. 

Get in the kitchen and create new recipes for your family.

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