Gourmia GMG7500 Prime-Plus Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder Review

Gourmia GMG7500 is a strong durable grinder that is ideal for those individuals looking for quality meat grinders. This machine is made of stainless steel blade and body, and three different cutting settings. It is an easy to use machine and easy to clean offering an ideal meat grinding for users who are first users and those ones who have an experience in grinding their own meat. This is one machine that has great commitment in inspiring healthier, convenient and better living.

The user can prepare any type of meat using this grinder. It has three various cutting plates for fine grinding, normal and coarse grinding. The machine also has a kibbeh attachment for the three types of stuffing: small, medium and large. The machine can be assembled easily and it has somequick guide that will teach the user on how to clean and assemble the machine.

Gourmia GMG7500 Prime-Plus Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder Review

Gourmia GMG7500 Prime-Plus Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder Review

Key Features

  • Made of strong materials
  • 800 watts power
  • Three different cutting plates
  • Weighs only 14 pounds
  • Three different sizes of sausage tube
  • Recipe book
  • Food pusher

Easy to operate

Operating this machine is easy. It has ultra-easy to use control panel that controls everything. This meat grinder comes with four buttons that include the on button that helps in turning the grinder on, the reverse button that helps in reversing the direction of the motor, half button for providing half speed and stop and reset button that facilitates the turning on of the machine. There are also three different cutting plates that give fine, normal and coarse grinding.



Gourmia GMG7500 is made of extra strong materials that last for long. The stainless steel body of the grinder is strong with 800 watts coper motor that is ETL approved. The metal gears of the grinder are also strong for a better grinding. They also take a lot of time before they get spoiled. Long lasting stainless steel blade ensures that you enjoy proper grinding and services of the product for the lifetime. We will also not forget stuffing funnels that gives all kinds of the sausage the user may desire.

Easy to assemble and clean

With this best meat grinder under 200, you will have a great meal taste. This grinder comes with an easy manual and quick guide for the user to assemble and take apart all parts easily for quick cleaning and easy use. The kibbeh attachments for kibbeh, sausage funnels for the sausage and three different cutting plates that are used in creating most flavorful burgers, hash, meat loaf and even meatball can be used and cleaned easily.

Powerful motor

Gourmia GMG7500 has powerful motor that helps in maintaining a precise grinding that is truly remarkable. This powerful motor helps in quickening things and makes everything ready and faster. This feature will definitely save you some few minutes. It also helps in maintaining a more accurate and consistent temperature. The heater improves the quality of grinding your meat hence makes quality food

Key Features Of Gourmia GMG7500 Prime-Plus Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder


  • Easy to clean
  • Compact and light
  • Comes with a book with recipes
  • A partially stainless steel made housing
  • Very cheap
  • Pretty powerful motor
  • Simple and fast disassemble and assemble for easy cleaning
  • Shiny and stylish look


  • Too much plastic details


  • Which materials is this grinder made of?It is made of partially stainless steel and plastic
  • Is this grinder expensive?No this meat grinder is not expensive, anybody can afford it.

Customer Feedback

Because of its affordable price, this meat grinder is popular among many users. Customers love the stainless steel housing of the product because it makes the product look appealing in your kitchen. Others say that this grinder uses pretty looking weak 800 watts motor that has a stainless steel blade that ensures a proper grinding. Because of its great performance, the product has greatly remained to be a perfect choice for many people.

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When buying Gourmia GMG7500 it comes with a Gourmia commitment that inspires your healthier, more convenient and great living. The grinder performs amazingly for home use and commercial uses. The grinder is equipped with ultra-grind pro base food stainless steel blade, three different size cutting plates,3 different size sausage, attachment locking ring, food tray and food pusher for a better grinding. It performs quickly and maintains consistent grinding of meat pieces. This meat grinder has grown in popularity and most people like the product. This is the reason why they recommend the product for individuals who want to buy a meat grinder.

Gourmia GMG7500 Prime-Plus Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder Best Price

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