LEM Products W779A Stainless Steel Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder Review

For professional grinding LEM Products W779A Grinder is the perfect choice. This is a machine that is within the budget of any person and can suit specific needs of the user. This meat grinder has become popular because of its speed and quality results. It enables you to grind up to seven pounds of meat a minute. this is a perfect choice if the user don’t want to waste time when processing the meat for sausage food.

The grinder comes with three different stuffing tubes and two stainless steel plates for the custom meat processing. The user can use the steel cutting plates in processing the meat for a stew, soup, sausages and many others. Some of the components the machine comes with is the two rollers with a 26 stainless steel blades that makes a tender sneak out even if the meat is tough. The grinding system of the grinder bites a large share of the meat thanks to big bite technology.

LEM Products W779A Stainless Steel Big Bite Electric #8-Meat Grinder (.35-HP)
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LEM Products W779A Stainless Steel Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder Review

Big bite technology

LEM W779A electric meat grinder comes with the big bite technology that enables the auger take an extra big bite of the meat and move it into grinder head faster compared to other grinders. The good thing about this technology is that you can grind big larger cuts of the meat quicker without clogging the grinder. With only few minutes after dropping your slices of meat, this grinder with grind your meat.

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Easy to clean and use

LEM Products W779A meat grinder is an easy to use machine. The parts of the machine can be fixed and cleaned easily. There are also extensive parts that are available in event that something needs to be replaced. The cleaning of the grinder is not difficult since the cleaning kit is inclusive so that the user can clean and reach the hidden nooks and crannies. The motor is permanently lubricated for long term services.

LEM Products W779A Stainless Steel Big Bite Electric #8-Meat Grinder Review


This is a compact machine that performs greatly for smaller grinding. This grinder is small in size and performs greatly. It is hard to find a grinder this size that can perform with great quality like this. This grinder grinds approximately 4 pounds in every minute. the metal gears, stainless steel motor housing with a roller bearings to enable easy moving and performance. the motor is permanently lubricated to reduce the motor noise and also the grinder has stainless steel knife, large meat pan, built in circuit breaker and auger for coarse and fine grinding.

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LEM Products W779A Grinder is made of stainless steel metal gears. The metal gears come with the roller bearing hence making the machine last for long. The heavy duty handle helps you move the grinder easily from one place to another. This handle is strong and can serve you for a long period.


This meat grinder has a sleek compact design that makes it appealing. The stainless steel housing makes the grinder attractive hence making your kitchen counters look great. Comes with the Big bite technology that allows you to use large meat pieces. This machine is made in a way that it can grind up to 420 Ibs of the meat in one hour. The metallic gears of the grinder ensure quality results and heavy duty handle for convenience.

Key features LEM W779A Grinder

  • Built in circuit breaker
  • Heavy duty handle
  • All metal gears with a roller bearing
  • Two inch meat pan hole
  • Stainless steel construction permanently lubricated motor
  • Stainless steel auger, head and meat pan


  • Big bite technology that allows the user use large meat pieces
  • Capable of grinding up to 420 Ibs of the meat in one hour
  • Metallic gears that ensures quality results
  • Heavy duty handle for convenience


  • No medium cutting plates
  • It is bulky


  • Can the user stuff with the machine? Yes the machine comes with attachments
  • Will this grinder clog easily? It is impressive and will not clog

Customer feedback

This machine has greatly grown in popularity among many customers due to its great performance. Most of them prefer this grinder because of its stainless steel construction and its permanently lubricated motor that makes the machine perform well. They love the machine and have rated it excellently and most of them recommend the product for those individuals who want to purchase the meat grinder.


LEM W779A is a meat grinder that is a perfect choice for individuals who want to grind their meat for a delicious food. This meat grinder is made of metal gears that come with the roller bearing and two inch meat pan hole. The housing of the machine is made of stainless steel and the motor of the machine is permanently lubricated. The grinder also has a heavy duty handle and in-built circuit breaker. This machine is liked by many and can be a perfect choice for you.

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